Allison Berland Jewelry seeks to rewrite the rules of luxury by creating opportunities for self-expression through fine jewelry customizability, embracing inclusive notions of beauty, and upholding a mission-driven focus to empower women to invest in their future.



Jewelry is one of the most personal possessions, one of the first items put on each day, and often possesses a story. Luxury brands are associated with quality, elegance, and an aspirational investment, but often maintain traditional notions of exclusivity.

Our vision is to transform the fine jewelry experience into a new model: inclusive luxury with a purposeᵀᴹ. By redefining the rules of luxury, we offer a new fine jewelry experience that starts with valuing your voice in the design experience to create a custom piece of fine jewelry that can be worn as everyday luxury. 

Linking purpose with our products is at the core of our company's mission. We seek to create a community that embraces inclusive notions of beauty and supports women to invest in their futures through education and strategic lifelong learning. Toward this end, we recently launched our first campaign called Voices: What Would you Say? We asked women a simple but powerful question: If you knew your voice would be heard, what would you say? We heard a lot of powerful and inspiring messages, including the one on this page from Divya: "Cherish your education." Follow our campaign on Instagram @allisonberlandjewelry.


As a social scientist, I have spent over a decade visiting and living in India learning about India's electoral system. Early on, I discovered the beauty of handcrafted Indian jewelry: Indian Jewelry is often customized, so jewelry pieces are both forms of self-expression and individuality but also an investment. 

Inspired by the experience of customized jewelry in India, starting in 2016, I began the first of several visits to Jaipur, a center of jewelry making and design, to learn from and work with artisans, many of whom come from families working for generations making jewelry. 

For the first collection, I started with the idea to design handmade 18 karat gold pendants and find vintage gold Indian pendants that can be customized to make necklaces, bracelets, and earrings using high quality gemstones. The Aurelia Collection encapsulates this vision of customized fine jewelry that can be worn as everyday luxury. 

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